A Kingdom Divided

A RPG based on the setting of PoP 3, taking place roughly a century after the end of the unification wars
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Isabel Tenorio
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PostSubject: Order Supporters   Order Supporters Empty27.02.13 5:41

I thought you might like to know a few details about the supporters of the various Orders. The Eventide, and Griffon supporters will be added in soon. There's a version for each, but they haven't been posted yet. Aaaand I forgot the Silvermist, so I will edit.

All but the Gauntlet and Silvermist supporters represent the rulers of various cities across Pendor. You also already know the ruler of Windholm. There aren't any plans to fill in the remaining rulers yet, as we may come up with a better (event-friendly) ruler later on as the RP progresses. Gradually though, expect to know most of the ducal rulers!


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Order Supporters
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