A Kingdom Divided

A RPG based on the setting of PoP 3, taking place roughly a century after the end of the unification wars
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 North- East of Torbah IC

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PostSubject: Re: North- East of Torbah IC   24.11.13 15:52

Natir stood glaring at the new comer. His insults had not gone unnoticed. Natir span a knife around his fingers, occasionally tossing it in the air to catch it again by the handle and continuing to fiddle with it. He considered whether or not to teach this stranger a lesson. He barges in to a group of armed knights, and doesn't stop insulting them or talking in general, and brags about defeating a group of Clarion Ouriders in front of a bunch outriders. Natir also noticed the emblem of the Clarion Call on his quiver, but still wasn't sure if it came from a dead Clarion Call or if this stranger was indeed a knight of the Clarion Call. Either way the only thing stopping Natir from ordering his men to turn these arogant rangers into five crimson pin cushions was that this man obviously wanted to tease him into a fight, but Natir was not so easily tricked, and so he chose to stay silent.

As the Radiant Cross left, he stayed behind until finally speaking
" I don't know where you got that emblem from, but I don't care, I don't like to make assumptions, but I'll give you this advice, don't prove yourself to be nusance." Natir didn't wait for a response and ordered his men to follow the Radiant Cross. Thanking Astrea that he had the wisdom to send the hot headed Petro away before this Von Woogle arrived.

When he caught up to the Radiant Cross, he slowed his pace and rode along parallel to the road.

Outrider Captain Natir of the Clarion Call, Bastard of Maras
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Harvey Wagner

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PostSubject: Re: North- East of Torbah IC   24.11.13 16:07

Harvey leaving his men at the back to continue watching for anybody following the group wandered up along side Natir grinning cheerfully again.

" Don't worry brother none of them died, they were arrogant and got bruised egos for it when we knocked them on there asses, once they'd realized that 10 of them could not kill the 5 of us in a straight fight we had a chat and the leader convinced me your order has enough worthy bowmen for me to test myself against so I joint.

Obviously nobody else needs to know about that, if I can move freely amongst the orders it's better for all of us. "
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PostSubject: Re: North- East of Torbah IC   29.11.13 3:53

Mattus left the safety of the Radiant Cross and mounted his horse again. He gave his orders and the Veccavian Knights formed up in a column behind Moreks and Edisons men. After that he and his Mettenheim friends rode up to the left of the footmen and he shouted out to Morek.

"I am going to scout ahead."

Mattus left him no chance to react, after saying the last word he spurred his horse and raced ahead, even if he said something Mattus wouldn't hear it.

Mattus Meraxes, Order of the Radiant Cross, Commander of the Radiant Shield

The Last Hope and Map of Pendor

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PostSubject: Re: North- East of Torbah IC   

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North- East of Torbah IC
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