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A RPG based on the setting of PoP 3, taking place roughly a century after the end of the unification wars
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 Sir Nickolas - Experimental Work

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Sir Nickolas

Sir Nickolas

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PostSubject: Sir Nickolas - Experimental Work   Sir Nickolas - Experimental Work Empty18.06.13 7:28

As of late I've been working reorganizing the minor event, Struggle for Kelredan, on the Aftermath forums. It mostly uses a common-sense / logic system, as well as dynamic hosting, but due to this disagreements can arise from players having a different ideas of what can and can not occur.

This post is to reflect scribblings I had on an experimental combat system for the Struggle for Kelredan roleplay. The main focus is to have a simplified combat system that does not really need a GM to operate. The system is purely conceptual, it has not been playtested or balanced in any way.

I used gold values found here as a basis. Please keep in mind that gold is hard to come by in this roleplay as the only gold originally available was given at the start. Otherwise, gold must be obtained via GM events.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed. (Note: This was originally typed up in Microsoft Word. It has simply been copied over.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Version 0.0.1
Character: A single person. They can group together to form units.
Unit: A group of characters with identical equipment. Minimum size for a unit is 5 characters.
Battle System:
            This system focuses on one versus one (units or characters) combat, using equipment and troop types to determine modifiers to the roll.
            The main advantage of this system is that it does not require a GM to function and is a fairly simplistic ruleset. However, this system requires honor as players can cheat to beat the other player. No system is perfect, when using this one it assumes the players involved are honest individuals.
            1: If in melee combat, roll for initiative using a 1d10. Re-roll ties.
            2: Both players roll to obtain two 1-100 values.
            3: Average the rolls separately for each player.
            4: Apply modifiers.
            5: Use the difference between the players’ modified rolls to find the results of the battle.
Difference:       < 30                 31-60               > 61
Result:            Nothing           Wounded        Death
            6: If the result is Wounded or Death, the defender loses characters based on the number of the attacking unit on a 1 for 1 ratio.
            6a: Special Note: If the attack was from range and the defender gets a wounded or death result, add half of that value to the next defense roll against ranged units.
            7: Players switch roles as attacker and defender in melee combat.
            8: Repeat as needed.
            Combat Round:
            1: Archers can attack.
            2: Crossbowmen can attack.
            3: Charging cavalry can attack.
            4: Depending on the distance between opponents, repeat 1,2, and 3 as needed.
            5: Melee troops can attack.
            6: Repeat the process.
            Troop Types:
            Player Characters: All player characters receive an innate +40 modifier in combat in addition to equipment.
            Militia: Militia have no bonuses or penalties.
            Regulars: Regulars have +20 to any combat roll due to their experience. In addition, they can equip better gear than Militia.
            Knights: Knights are a special unit type as they cannot be equipped like Militia or Regulars. Instead, they receive a flat +70 boost to the combat roll, attacking or defending.
General Modifiers:
Strength of Numbers: If one unit is larger than the other, the larger unit gets a +5 modifier per character in the unit over the amount of the smaller one.
Flank Attack: If two or more units engage the same target, receive a bonus on the combat roll. (+10 for Militia, + 30 for Regulars, + 60 for Knights)
Note on Flanking: When Flanking, only one unit actively participates in combat. Others supporting it add the bonus modifiers as described above.
Item Modifiers:
Light Leather                          -10 To Enemy Roll
Quality Leather Armor           -20 To Enemy Roll
Chainmail                                -45 To Enemy Roll
Simple Tabard                         -5 To Enemy Roll
Sturdier Tabards                     -10 To Enemy Roll
Swords                                    + 10 To Roll                (Mastery, Trained)
Spears                                      + 5 To Roll                  (First Strike, Anti-Calvary)
Hardened Spears                     + 10 To Roll                (First Strike, Anti-Calvary)
Polehammer                            +15 To Roll                 (Knockout)
Halberd                                   +15 To Roll                 (First Strike II, Anti-Calvary)
Short Bow                               +5 To Roll                   (Archery, Blindsight)
Nomad Bow                           +10 To Roll                 (Archery, Nearsight)
Long Bow                               +10 To Roll                 (Archery, Blindsight, Volley)
Arrows                                                +7 To Roll
Barbed Arrows                       +5 To Roll                   (Barbed Arrows)
Bodkin Arrows                       +5 To Roll                   (Bodkin Arrows)
Light Crossbow                      +5 To Roll                   (Arbalist, Penetrate I, Point Blank)
Crossbow                                +10 To Roll                 (Arbalist, Penetrate II, Point Blank)
Heavy Crossbow                     +15 To Roll                 (Arbalist, Penetrate III, Point Blank)
Javelins                                    +5 To Roll                   (Thrown)
Throwing Spear                       +15 To Roll                 (Thrown)
Kite Shield                              - 15 To Enemy Roll     (Shield, Defender)
Board Shield                           - 10 To Enemy Roll     (Shield, Guardian)
Pavise Upgrade                       - 10 To Enemy Roll     (Pavise)
Saddle Horse                          - - -                              (Horse, Charge I)
Hunter                                     - - -                              (Horse, Charge II, Intercept)
            Item Traits:
            Anti-Calvary: +15 against mounted units. If the cavalry are charging, negate the enemy charge bonus and gain an additional + 20.
            Arbalist: Attacks second in all combat scenarios before battle is met. The number of volleys is subject to player and GM negotiations, but remember that crossbows are slower than bows!
            Archery: Attacks first in all combat scenarios before battle is met. The number of volleys is subject to player and GM negotiations.
            Barbed Arrows: Gain a+10 modifier against lightly armored units. (Leather Armor)
            Blindsight: If this weapon is wielded while in melee range, this unit suffers -20 to attacks and enemies targeting this unit get a +20 bonus to the combat roll.
            Bodkin Arrows: Gain a + 10 modifier against heavy armored units (Chainmail and Knights)
            Charge I: Must be declared before battle starts. The unit charges the enemy and receives a +20 to the combat roll.
            Charge II: Must be declared before battle starts. The unit can target any enemy unit to charge and receives a +20 to the combat roll.
            Defender: Can roll a dice and average that with the enemy result against melee attacks.
            First Strike: +10 to roll for the first round of melee combat.
            First Strike II: +20 to roll for first round of melee combat.
            Guardian: Can protect one unmounted unit against ranged attacks. Also, enemy ranged attacks made against this unit suffer a -10 modifier.
            Horse: This unit is mounted on a horse. The unit can move across the battlefield faster, but is subject to anti-cavalry weapons.
            Intercept: This unit can prevent an enemy unit from charging by intercepting them. Both units engage in normal combat after an interception.
            Knockout: If the two rolls are separately divisible by 10, instantly knock out the opponent.
            Mastery: For each round of combat the unit is alive, gain +1 to the combat roll. This effect is permanent, and will affect other battles if the unit survives. Note that units with Mastery can only be combined with other units with the same Mastery level.
            Nearsight: If this weapon is wielded while in melee range, this unit suffers -10 to attacks and enemies targeting this unit get a +10 bonus to the combat roll.
            Pavise: A unit can hide behind the Pavise to receive the protection, but once they move away from cover the protection is lost.
            Penetrate I: This attack ignores the penalty for firing against shields.
            Penetrate II: This attack ignores the penalty for firing against shields and can attack units protected by the Guardian ability.
            Penetrate III: This attack ignores half of enemy armor and can target units protected by the Guardian ability.
            Point Blank: When used in melee range, this unit suffers -10 to attacks and units targeting this unit gain a +15 bonus to the combat roll
            Shield: This item can only be used when equipped with swords, spears, or thrown items. Can reroll any one die when defending against ranged attacks. (yours or your opponents)
            Trained: Regulars gain a +10 bonus when wielding this weapon.
            Thrown: This weapon is used as a free attack during the first melee round, even before first strike. Afterwards, it cannot be used until the next battle.
            Volley: This unit can opt to do two attacks instead of one using a -10 modifier.

Sir Javier Kristoph Doyle:

“It is every man’s fate to eventually die. I seek only to speed up that process.” - Sir Javier Kristoph Doyle
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Sir Nickolas - Experimental Work Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sir Nickolas - Experimental Work   Sir Nickolas - Experimental Work Empty19.06.13 1:32

Nice system, and very flexible! Just one point;

I would make all combat phases occur at the same time, otherwise the defender will always be disadvantaged as they may not get to strike back. First Strike grants the first attack in melee, and First Strike II gives this advantage in every melee round.

Really cool otherwise! Especially like the double roll and knockout rules.
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Sir Nickolas - Experimental Work
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