A Kingdom Divided

A RPG based on the setting of PoP 3, taking place roughly a century after the end of the unification wars
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 Aftermath Reborn Rules

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PostSubject: Aftermath Reborn Rules   Aftermath Reborn Rules Empty13.06.13 12:11

Aftermath Reborn Rules

Please do not post here! 

This will move to where-ever we decide to host this eventually. I'd like to keep you guys in on the process so you can see how its done, and more importantly yell "NOOOO, TOO COMPLICATED YOU SADISTIC GENIUS!" if it gets you know, overwhelming. If you have comments, please post here; http://popshadowwar.forumotion.com/t148-aftermath-reborn-rules-discussion#5602


Aftermath Reborn is the natural evolution of the previous Aftermath system, but now from the perspective of the Nobility. It will use a new and updated meta game system, but with the same emphasis on roleplay as we have always maintained on these Pendor forum RPGs.

The Scenario

Eastern Pendor is still in flames following the Noble Wars, the Orders have lost their grip on the region, Poinsbruk has been sacked, and Marleons pillaged. Having seen the heaviest fighting in the war, most of the nobility lie dead, leaving the road open for a new generation to move in, either having seized power during the fighting, or acting on ancient claims. This will be more about direct conflict between Nobles, it will be overt and militant. Ducal titles will be able to exert significant influence over others... but if they treat their vassals badly, then they could find their former allies usurping the title.

The Rules

What you see here are the rules that ensure that the players' actions have fair results. There are rules for combat, rules for earning and spending resources or raising troops, plus any miscellaneous rules that we felt necessary to develop.

It is good to have a quick look on them, but you are not required to memorize them or Bookmark this page. Mostly this is a reference for information when you need it.

By the way, you're all invited to comment and suggest changes for them in the discussion mirror of the this thread.

General RP Guidelines

Table of Contents

Character Traitshttp://popshadowwar.forumotion.com/t149-aftermath-reborn-rules#5604

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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath Reborn Rules   Aftermath Reborn Rules Empty13.06.13 13:25


Characters in Aftermath Reborn are members of the minor nobility in Eastern Pendor. Each character will have a background and a set number of Noble traits which affects the practicalities of their rule. In addition they may have any number of RP traits as the Player wishes to give themselves (or impose upon themselves!). Bear in mind however, that the majority of interaction will be with other players, not NPCs!


This is how the character came to power.

Ancient Claim
This character's family has an ancient claim to the land, and consider themselves its rightful ruler. They might have been ruling for years, or only just managed to worm their way into power. Either way, they are already an accepted member of the aristocracy.
* Prestige bonus.

Another noble may have ruled this county before, but they unfortunately died during the war, and the character stepped into the vacuum. Their claim on power maybe tenuous, but none dare act against them for the time being.
* Free unit of Adventurers at the start.

Royally Appointed
The characters' actions during the war earned them the notice of someone powerful, and as thanks for their contribution, they were awarded this parcel of land.
* Can buy titles for less Prestige.

Lesser Vassal
Another, more powerful noble is the characters benefactor. They consider this parcel of land of only fringe importance, but their influence offers a small degree of protection.
* Can hire Men at Arms from an Estate instead of Keep.

Created Title
This land had no owner before, and you decided it was worthy of settlement and exploitation so moved in. The title is new, and you are the founder of a new noble dynasty with more control over your own minor vassals.
* 10% cheaper Baronial upgrades (Manors, Estates, Keeps, Castles)

Bought Title
The former bearers of the title fell upon hard times, and in order to ease their financial burden, the character bought the rights to the land, and the aristocratic rights to go with it.
* Begin with 200 extra gold.

Church Appointment
The King in an attempt to appease the gods, granted the church the right to a diocese, and the character was chosen to tend the faithful and convert the heretics.
* May hire two extra Levy units.

Order Bastion
This character has completely against the odds, managed to hold their position during the Noble Wars, and emerged still owning the properties they had been granted as a member. 
* Begins with a Stronghold instead of a Stockade.

Ruler Traits

Each character may choose TWO of these.

The character is very military minded, and excels at motivating soldiers, and maintaining a strong combative branch.
* Can hire Regular forces for cheaper.

The character is an inspiring figure, and finds it easy to inspire ambitious followers.
* Begins with an extra Captain.

Natural Commander
This character is most at home on the battlefield, ordering troops around.
* Command skill increased.

Foreigner (Barclay or Mettenheim)
This character hails from a nation other than Pendor, and has access to specialised foreign troops.
* Can hire Greatswords or Conquistadores.

Merchant Connections
This character has connections to one of the great merchant leagues, and find it easier to raise funds and encourage trade.
* Increased Gold income.

Blessed with an exceptional intellect, this character is able to make efficiencies other people would never imagine.
* Decreased unit upgrade costs.

The bardic abilities have manifested as a mastery of propaganda, particularly when it comes to singing their own praises.
* Increased Prestige gain.

Order Member (Dragons, Griffons, Clarion Call, Shadow Legion, Eventide, Dawn, Gauntlet, Lions)
As a former member of one of the major orders, this character can call on them in times of need.
* Can hire Order Knights with a Keep instead of Castle.

Mercenary Captain
During the war, the character served as a mercenary captain, and maintains contacts with soldiers for hire.
* Can hire a Mercenaries.

Blessed with blessedness, this character finds it easy to raise an army of the faithful.
* Increased militia levies.
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath Reborn Rules   Aftermath Reborn Rules Empty14.06.13 12:26

The Eastern Council

This is a system designed to develop relationships between the various characters, and give them something to actually be striving for. The Council Charter is divided into two sections, the Commandments and the Decrees. It is based on this; http://legacy.earlham.edu/~peters/writing/nomic.htm


1. Commandments require a unanimous (100%) vote to change.
2. New Commandments must be a Decree for a session, and then require a simple majority to be added.


1. Decrees require a simple majority (51%) vote to change.
2. New decrees require a simple majority to add.
3. All Counts and Dukes have 1 Vote. Barons and Captains have 0.
4. Votes have 24 hours to run.
5. 24 hours prior to the Eastern Council a "Eastern Governor" will be elected.
6. The Eastern Governor will set the agenda for the coming meeting.
7. The Eastern Governor will remain in office until the following meeting.


These are some ways this system can be used;
1. Decree the formation of a new title, for instance a Marshall to invade the Mystmountains
2. Decree to increase number of votes for Dukes.
3. Increase or decrease the amount of prestige required for diplomatic actions.
4. Impose taxes
5. Declare a Character outlaw
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath Reborn Rules   Aftermath Reborn Rules Empty14.06.13 13:15



CostRaiding StrengthGarrison StrengthAttack StrengthDefence StrengthAbilitiesRequirements
Spearmen103121First StrikeManor
Spearmen204331First StrikeEstate
Light Horsemen205250MountedEstate
RegularMen at Arms305544Keep
Halbardiers306462First StrikeKeep
Crossbowmen301953First StrikeKeep
Heavy Horsemen409174MountedKeep
Dismounted Knights6051085First StrikeCastle
Order Knights1001010139First Strike, MountedCastle


 CostFortification Bonus
Stockade 20+10%
Hill Fort60+20%
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Aftermath Reborn Rules Empty
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Aftermath Reborn Rules
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